street cred

That’s what my 20 something friend Catherine said I have at breakfast this morning. It’s my birthday. I now have 50 years of experience! Go me! The first thing I got for my birthday was a cold shower. 🙂 Then I found cards with gift cards to the ship shop and coupons for coffee. My coworkers sang happy birthday to me. At lunchtime, I got birthday texts from my boys and my sister. After work, three of my friends took me out for Vietnamese. On our way back to the ship, one friend suggested we go to Starbucks. When we got back to the ship, she still wanted to go to Starbucks. But it was closed. She insisted it was still open, so I followed her. Well, my Gateway group was waiting with cake and another birthday song and celebration ensued. My friend Catherine asked me what my ultimate dream would be if I could do anything in the whole wide world? I’m doing it. 😀 It’s been a really good birthday!

Philippians 1:20



10 thoughts on “street cred

  1. Welcome to the world of adults… Hope you have a blessed year! You are an inspiration to me. PS – I never got older than 35 – It is only the months that increases!

  2. Happy 50th Birthday Michelle. So happy to hear what a wonderful day it turned out to be, cold shower and all :-). Sweet surprise for you in the evening :-). You sound very happy, I guess you couldn’t have had a better b’day knowing both your son’s and sister connected w/ you too.

    May there be many more to follow. God bless you, Josie

  3. Sounds like you’re getting lots of love! Awesome way to celebrate,. just for the record. recently celebrated my 26th birthday as well (with 29 yrs experience)

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