traffic dancing

I had a walk off the ship today with my friend Leanne. She’s a nurse from Adelaide, Australia. I met her at Gateway last summer. Since Leanne has been in Guinea for the entire field service, I enjoyed going into town with her because she knows all the places to shop. 🙂 What were you looking to buy Michelle? Chocolate syrup. I make my own cafè mochas. I’m no cook, but I’ve been diligently working on the perfect mocha recipe. Well, perfect for me anyway. And… there’s always time for coffee! Along the way, I decided to also purchase a new sling bag to carry stuff. Ooh! Then I found hotdogs as a bonus! Cha ching! As we walked back to the ship, I was reflecting on the careful dance of the traffic. There are no stop lights, no stop signs, no yield signs anywhere that I’ve seen. So it’s like a dance, a line dance. You just have to jump in when you see a space. This applies to foot traffic, cars, buses, motorcycles, and trucks. It’s crazy, yet it all seems to work. Fun in Africa!

Philippians 1:20




4 thoughts on “traffic dancing

  1. Dear Micey
    Oh, I had to laugh! This is Africa for you! Traffic is not what we would call organized! Yip, always time for coffee.

  2. Oh my….there is alot of traffic!! Be careful in your dance that it doesn’t “step on your toes”…lol..what an awesome bag Michelle…love it!!! xxxooo

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