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This week the word is friend.


Before I met Jesus, I wasn’t a very good friend. I had no idea how to be a friend. Friendship wasn’t really modeled for me at home. I was mostly a taker. I was needy and wanting to be loved so much that I sucked the life out of people. The minute I sensed you didn’t like me, I severed the friendship and disappeared deeper into the cave I inhabited. After Jesus, I had no idea how to be a good friend. But all of a sudden I had more friends than I knew what to do with. God! What’s up with all these people wanting to be my friend? The road to understanding real friendship has been long and winding. I don’t have it all figured out yet. But at least I’m moving in the right direction now. 🙂


Philippians 1:20



12 thoughts on “friend

  1. It really is that way. Im so glad you opened up, and glad that you linked this week. This was my first time submitting a link to five minute friday, and Im glad we met!

  2. Great post. Thanks for your honesty! I think some of us tend to jump on Christian sisters and act like we are BFFs without getting to really know each other first. Good food for thought.

    visiting from FMF,

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