the q-tip shortage of 2013…

So basically, I got back just in time for the field service in Guinea to wind down. Surgery will be finishing up in just a few more weeks. Then we pack this baby up and head for the Canary Islands. In the meantime, the supplies in the ship shop are dwindling away. There is a new manager. He’s organized things beautifully. Any item with an orange sticker is rationed, only one per customer allowed. It turns out q-tips are gone and a prime commodity. I even got a request for q-tips. But another crewmate offered to share her stash. Now I discovered one of the families is rationing their q-tips. But good news! I found a whole extra stash! I only have two ears. The Cash family has 10 ears! Guess who’s getting q-tips? 🙂

XOX… Michelle
Philippians 1:20



4 thoughts on “the q-tip shortage of 2013…

  1. Dear Micey
    I just love your generous heart. I am glad to see you are enjoying yourself so much. I pray for you everyday and please let me know if there is something specific you want us to pray for.

    • Thank you Mia. And yes, there is a LOT of spiritual warfare here in Guinea. I’m being attacked with terrible thoughts of not being good enough. It’s the enemy’s chosen method of attacking me. He just gets in my head. Please pray against that. Thank you!

  2. Wife just watched the 60 minutes special on Africa Mercy. She was very encouraged and thankful we can have even just a tiny part to play in your adventure. DM

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