I’m happy to report I made it to Africa without any more issues. The flights to Brussels and Conakry were quite easy and quick as we had a strong tailwind behind us. Apparently, there was an African band on my second flight that is quite famous around these parts. There was paparazzi waiting to greet them at the airport. They made us feel quite special too. Just kidding. Haha! I was quite happy to be met by a friend at the airport. We got back to the ship in African timeliness and I was greeted by many people with surprise and joy. So fun. Now I have to figure out what to do with all my stuff. New cabin. New roommates. Porthole! So exciting! Back to work by Friday. Ooh! I got photos of the Sahara desert and Senegal!

XOX… Michelle
Philippians 1:20





4 thoughts on “back!

  1. Welcome back! Quick question…I have not been following the news, I remember not too long ago you had written something about the instability of the area where the mercy ship was docked @ that time…are you on that same ship, is it still in that same port, and if so, what is it like there now? DM

    • Yes I am on that same ship. Things are stable here for the moment. But pray because they get crazy fast. There’s an election coming so that creates unrest.

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