AM I crazy?

I wake up asking myself this question frequently. I confess. Somehow I’m functioning, but there’s an underlying current of fear. I seem to be covering it up better this year than last, but it’s flowing. What is it you’re afraid of Michelle? Every time I look at my checking account balance, it’s far less than I planned. I’m going to be in Africa for 26 months. I want the balance in my account to say $26,000. Then everything will be okay. But you don’t even get paid by your traditional job like that. You go paycheck to paycheck. You have faith your employer will pay you every two weeks. Have a little faith I will do the same. You’re right God. I know you’re right. So what is your greatest fear? I’m afraid I’ll just run out of money. I’m afraid I’ll be stranded in Africa. What if I want you to stay there? Don’t forget you did save enough for airline tickets. What if GA gets into a financial jam? Why don’t you let Me worry about that? He is My own boy. I love him too. He needs to learn how to trust in Me for provision and not you. You’re right God. I know you’re right. Thanks for setting me straight. I love you!


Please don’t stop praying for me friends! I know I’ll be okay. God is good.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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