of tattoos & Jesus…

GA – What do you think of religious tattoos?

Me – What do you mean by religious?

GA – Well I really want to get 3 crosses on the back of my hand.

Me – Okay. Sounds good so far.

GA – Then I saw a beautiful image of the Virgin Mary and thought it would look beautiful above the crosses.

Me – Now your image is becoming idolatrous. You’re lifting Mary to a position she shouldn’t be placed. I think it is giving the wrong impression. If you place her at the foot of the cross on her face in sorrow, it would be different.

GA – That wouldn’t all fit on my hand. I’d also really love a portrait of Jesus, but all the tattoos I’ve seen of Him make Him look sad or weak. But He isn’t sad or weak!

Me – No He isn’t. He is triumphant. You need to find a portrait that makes Him look happy because He is happy. He willingly laid His life down for us. Did I ever tell you my favorite story of Jesus after the resurrection? It’s from John 21, my favorite after the resurrection chapter in the Gospels. The disciples decide to go fishing. They throw the net off the boat and catch nothing. Then a man on the shore calls out to them, “try throwing the net off the other side!” Now the net is so loaded they have trouble getting it out of the water. The disciple John says to Peter, “It’s The Lord!” Peter grabs his coat and jumps in the water to swim to shore. He’s so excited, he doesn’t even want to wait for the boat to get there. He just wants to be with Jesus. That’s the kind of image you need to portray!

GA – Yes! That’s what I’m talking about!

We had this conversation last night on I-95 as I was transporting GA to visit his friends in Miami. We have some of our deepest spiritual conversations on the road. I love that I’ve been able to disciple this kid of mine all these years. It’s been such a privilege. I think I found the perfect image of Jesus for him too. Tell me what you think.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


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  1. Hi Micey
    What I love about you and your writing, is the fact that you are so genuine! Without any frills and fancies, you make your love for our Lord Jesus such a natural thing that all can relate to.

    • Thank you Mia. I have a much easier time being genuine in this setting than in real life I think. But I strive for transparency.

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