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The word this week is after…


After Jesus everything changed. I mean everything. Immediately after I met Jesus, I was filled with indescribable joy like I’ve never known in all my life. Two days after I met Jesus, the angry words that used to fly out of my mouth so easily were grabbed by a hand in the back of my throat and held like a dog being held back from attacking. Three weeks after I met Jesus, I stopped getting drunk. I had been drunk every weekend of my adult life and everyday for the five years before I met Him. After I met Jesus, I became a mom to my children for the first time. After I met Jesus, I began to face my demons head on instead of denying their existence by drinking them away. After I met Jesus, I finally realized the world does not revolve around me. After I met Jesus, I found my life!


Philippians 1:20



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  1. So powerful…”After I met Jesus, I found my life.” Amazing testimony…thank you for sharing! Blessings on your weekend! 🙂

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