The day I chose to follow Jesus I was done with my life. I was so done. He pulled me from the pit of hell and put me back on solid ground. I told Him I would follow Him wherever He wanted me to go. I so meant it. I still do. I’m following Him to west Africa for at least 26 months come April. I shared this with a work colleague today. She’s considering the call He’s placed in her heart as well. She’s a new PA. She’s young. She’s beautiful. She’s eager. She shared how she told God when she finished school she would fulfill His call for her to go into the world. I was so honored she came to me for advice on how to do missions. She’s so excited and so afraid her dream won’t happen. I told her to put that fear out of her head because the enemy would love nothing more than it to stop her from fulfilling her call. I told her to apply for the trip she’s interested in. If the Lord wants you to follow Him, He will make it happen! Nothing can stop His plans! She thanked me and virtually skipped away back to do her next case. Today is one of those amazing days God lets me see how my choice to follow Him 7 years ago will lead more and more people to the cross. My choice to follow lets Him pour out His Spirit through me creating a ripple, the size of which I will never know until I go home to heaven. I can only imagine how big the impact will be. I thank God for choosing me to follow Him!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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  1. When you come back from your 26 month stint, could you pencil us in for a visit? I would love to take you to our house church and tell your story. I can so see that young PA skipping away after your visit. I regularly sense the presence of Christ when I read your stuff. (even when you occasionally sputter) 😉 DM

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