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This is a completely random post to encourage us to stop and listen to the world. I’m such an introvert. I think too much about stuff. I spend way too much time in my head. It’s actually quite self destructive. But as I was sitting here playing on my iPad WordPress app, I was suddenly drawn to the cool swishy, clicky sounds it makes. Then I thought about the really cool beepy sound the scrub machine makes at work when I get my daily scrub allotment. Or what about the way the crickets chirp at night? Or the tick tock of the clock on the wall? I bought an ukulele two weeks ago. I’ve only had this little brown ukulele for two weeks, but it has stolen my heart with the beautiful way it rings and it feels like I’ve had it for a life time. Now I can sing and make music all at the same time! How awesome is that? And God has blessed me with the gift of making music. He has blessed me with the gift of hearing the music I make. He has blessed me with the ability to bless Him with the gift He gave me. I hope I don’t ever become so self absorbed that I stop listening to the beautiful sounds of the crazy world I have been blessed to pass through. What sounds do you love to hear?

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


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  1. Greetings Michelle,
    Just last night I sat out by my community pool situated on a wide bay with a friend. As we talked I said to him…listen to the wind, the trees and the water as it was quite breezy out and then I heard the crickets. I was a beautiful night. I am also blessed to hear the trees on a breezy evening from my bedroom window too. It’s is a delight that brings not only a smile to my face but praise in my heart and lips as I thank my Savior.
    No longer in the concrete loft you visited.
    I continue to enjoy your posts!

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