As Easter approaches, I think of all the different people Jesus met on His way to Calvary. Each person, each sinner, represents a little piece of me. The woman at the well who was a cast out in her Samaritan town because she had multiple husbands and lived with a guy represents that piece of me that would go home with anyone because I was just so desperate to find love. The man Zacchaeus who cheated tax payers by taking more than he should represents that piece of me that just gave up on paying my debts because life was hard and I thought I was owed something. The woman Martha represents that piece of me which is so busy I forget about God completely sometimes. The scribes and Pharisees represent that piece of me that wants more proof that Jesus is who He claims to be. The woman with the alabaster flask represents that piece of me that falls at the feet of my Savior in extreme love and gratitude for saving my wretched soul. Peter represents that piece of me which would dive into the deep end of the ocean and swim to shore to be with my Jesus. The thief on the cross represents that piece of me that recognizes I am a great sinner in need of an even greater Savior. I look to the cross of Christ each day and marvel that He looked through all time and prayed for me, knowing I was His, knowing what He would suffer to make me His own bride. I am undone.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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  1. Nice post! A great way to think about ourselves in light of Scripture. When I see this catalogue of sinners, I don’t feel so alone. And Jesus undid our sin, so we could live…gracious love!

  2. That is a profoundly honest and moving post, Michelle. I love you for it and for being such a beautiful child of God.

  3. MIcey … A beautiful reflection. I love your heart, and your words speak straight into mine. Thank you for being a part of the #TellHisStory community. You’re living a beautiful story.

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