Putting Hope in the Headlines

I don’t know if I’ve ever reblogged anything before, but this one is so worth the read. This story is written by one of my shipmates. She’s an awesome girl I have the privilege of calling friend. This is a more in depth story about Thieno, the man with the giant facial tumor I’ve told you about. In light of the awesome 60 Minutes report, I want to just keep that momentum going. I want you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much God loves His creation, how much He loves a man named Thieno who lives in Guinea west Africa.

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Philippians 1:20

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Hi everyone, bear with me. Today’s post is a bit longer, but I ask that you please read it to the end.

In early November I came to you asking for you to pray for a man who was about to go into surgery. The surgery was complicated and risky and the odds were not in his favor. The man’s name was Thierno; he was slowly being suffocated and starved by the tumor in his mouth. (In fact, his condition was so dire that his case was initially referred to our Palliative Care [Hospice Care] team.)


 I won’t be able to capture with words the immense suffering Thierno endured for the five years he lived with this tumor because I will never fully comprehend it myself. I think his words to one hospital worker captured it best: “please, take the tumor, or take my life.”

 The day before…

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  1. I’ve never been ‘reblogged’ before =) I’m honored. Thanks for sharing! We can’t wait for you to be back in Africa with us.

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