why don’t you just volunteer here in the states?


Remember Thieno?

A nurse anesthetist asked me this question the other day. I’m not good at answering the hard questions on the fly. I told her about the three years I spent doing homeless ministry. Then I told her I’m called to work with this organization in Africa. At some point we’ll work together again and I’ll tell her that here in the states people have access to care, it doesn’t matter if you are a homeless guy on the street or Donald Trump. The poorest people here can still walk into a hospital and be treated for whatever ailment they have. Not so in Africa. You could be somewhat financially okay in Africa and still not have access to care. I confess I get a little frustrated when people ask that question. I usually want to ask it right back at them. What are YOU doing to help out in the states? It’s a very close minded question. I can only answer in a loving way because of the grace of God through Christ Jesus.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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