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The word this week is beloved…


I’m getting ready to return to Africa to serve with Mercy Ships. It’s a big deal. Especially because I’m going for at least two years. I’m leaving behind my beloved children. These kids are my greatest gift. They’ve been with me through thick and thin. They knew me before I knew Jesus. They’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly. They’ve been my biggest challenge, biggest cheerleaders, biggest fans. They’ve loved me despite my faults. As each day passes, I’m reminded of what I’m giving up to serve the Lord. I’m giving up the ability to be in the same room, to have the daily conversation. I’m leaving the most beloved people in my life. I’m trusting God meant what he said when he said to leave all we love behind is to gain life and rewards beyond what we dream of. I’m trusting God to help my beloved understand I don’t love them less. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever been compelled to do. I leave my beloved on earth to serve and follow my Beloved. Pray for us please!


His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


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  1. Oh Michelle… you have my prayers, sweet friend! I am sure they too can see your heart and know that it is pulled both toward them, and toward Him! Praying for safety and grace and encounters and a love that overwhelms and spills over… for them here, and for you there!

  2. Dear Micey
    Of course I will pray for you!! Please keep us up to date on your new adventure with your Beloved Lord Jesus as you go along! I know it is hard, but I will ask for understanding from your loved ones. If ever you dock at East London, South Africa, please let me know so I can come and visit!
    Much love

    • Hi Mia. Thank you and I will definitely keep you posted. I think the ship will be in South Africa the summer of 2014. A bit down the road, but nevertheless.

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