missing them before I go…

I spent the weekend in Gainesville, Florida with my favorite number 2 son. We ate food, drank coffee, walked in the woods, and had a long heart to heart discussion about life. I’m so grateful for the boys the Lord has given me. I’m so grateful He lets them hold me accountable for the mistakes I’ve made both old and new. I’m grateful they have the courage to call me out when I mess up. The truth hurts sometimes, but it’s so much better than watching someone pull away. I just keep wondering when life will get easier?

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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6 thoughts on “missing them before I go…

  1. That’s awesome… Nothing like raising your sons to become leaders. That’s so awesome that you have developed that kind of relationship with your sons

  2. Ahh…Michelle…if kids only came with a little instruction book attached to their toe when they pop out…the relationship you describe is what it’s all about. You have raised two very fine young men and life doesn’t get easier or harder, it gets different…it’s all how we choose to deal with it….you, my friend, are doing an amazing job!!! Love you so….hugs

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