the apple doesn’t fall far…

Galen: Do I need my birth certificate to get a passport?
Me: Yes.
Galen: Can you bring it with you next week?
Me: Yes. So you’re getting a passport?
Galen: Yes. I want to go to Haiti this year. Have you heard of Mission of Hope?
Me: Yes.
Galen: They help orphans and employ Haitians.
That’s my boy! I’m so grateful for the influence The Lord has allowed me to have in the lives of my boys! God is good!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


3 thoughts on “the apple doesn’t fall far…

  1. I came over from FMF as I was wandering around everyone’s posts and I stumbled upon yours. I am a nurse and I would love going on the Mercy Ships- ahh, but a husband, three married children and 7 grandchildren come first- I love this post, I too have seen the fruit that God has produced in my children’s lives and now in my grandchildren, what Joy is in that almost can’t be described!

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