walking in faith is not for the faint hearted…


Dear God
Thank you for always watching over Me! Thank you! And thank you for my awesome family! It really means a lot to know they are behind my dream! I am back to work as of last Wednesday. It’s really nice to still be working for a faith based organization! I’m praying about changing my return to the ship to the 20th or 27th of April. Since I didn’t start working when I expected, I would like to earn a bit more money before I go back. Right now I’ve raised 55% of the support I need to return. The amazing thing is I’ve only been home for 4 weeks! I know You want me to rely on you completely. But living on my own for so many years, thinking I was in “control” of my life, makes it really challenging and scary to walk in faith sometimes. My original date to return to the ship is 4/13 and I wanted to stop working by 4/5 so I could spend one last week with the boys and the family. You have been so faithful to me all my life! Please help me to wait until March to see what You can do. My date to return is flexible. I know I can postpone if I need to. I’m not going to make that decision until 3/13. I just need to have courage to see you go before me and make the way. I Love you! Please help me when the fear creeps in. I know you can provide every penny I need. All I have to do is stand back and watch you provide all I need to return to Africa to do the work you’ve called me to do! Thank you Lord for being faithful to me!

Philippians 1:20