not about me…

Yesterday was my first day at the new job and it turned out to be great! I had 8 hours of orientation along with another guy. I got to share with him what I’ve been doing with Mercy Ships. I’m amazed when I meet someone I never met before and he says he wants to support God’s work in west Africa! Why am I amazed? What God is doing there is so good! I guess because I still feel like it is me. It’s my good deed or work. It’s me someone likes. But it really has nothing to do with me, does it? How long do you suppose it’s going to take me to realize it’s not about me? Oh I know in my head it’s not about me, but in my heart? I’m such a foolish girl. I pray the Lord continues to change me and teach me to understand life is bigger than me. Life is more than my hopes and dreams and desires.

His… Michelle


4 thoughts on “not about me…

  1. Hi Michelle,

    Happy to hear you found a job. That didn’t take long!

    I really enjoy your posts and want to comment on it!

    Lately I have been meeting new people, hooked up w/ an old friend who I’m in touch w/ but don’t see often because she lives in TX. God has been letting me see His beauty in me through the feedback I have been receiving verbally and through cards. I’ve never really remember it being this way; it definitely has me smiling from within knowing it’s Him.

    Welcome back and allow Him to continue to shine through you :-). Josie

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