redefining home…

I love the new panorama feature on the latest iPhone upgrade!

One of the things I’ve been coming to terms with since my reentry into the USA is figuring out where home is. Home sweet home. Home home on the range. Home away from home. Home is where the heart is. My little family is not together anymore. I’m in south Florida. My favorite #1 son is in Pennsylvania. My favorite #2 son is in northern Florida. My mom and siblings are in Pennsylvania. I’ve got friends in like 30 nations now and all gathered together on a ship in west Africa. Mine has become a multinational, multicultural, multi home home. Where do I say I’m from? Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I live in lots of places. I’m a nomad passing through a great big world to my ultimate home. When I get there I’ll wait for you on the left side of the pearly gates. It’s going to be the best homecoming ever!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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  1. You’re in good company, Michelle – Hebrews 11.13-16 – and you can be sure that God “has prepared a city” for you. I’ve made a note by the way – “Left hand side of the pearly gates.” I’m already looking forward to spotting you there. “Michelle?…” “Neil?…” Yeahhhh!

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