I’m not all right. I’m stuck in between where I was and where I need to be. I don’t even know how to describe how I feel. It’s not like anything I’ve experienced before. I’m sad but I don’t know what I’m sad about at all. I’ve got a great life. I have an awesome family. I have terrific friends. So what is it? Is it grief? Is it reverse culture shock? Is it too much time on my hands? Is it an inability to just be still? How long God?

His… Michelle

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  1. It’s definitely change of culture shock Michelle…leave every bit of it in God’s hands…He has got your back and you know it!!! Love you and am praying for your peace…xxxooo

  2. culture shock. I think is like when the breaker trips on the electricity in the house…can only handle so much then it trips. You have had so many changes and emotionally exciting and draining experiences that your heart and mind are saying..that’s it, that’s enough/ click. I have no idea how long culture shock lasts…but do remember my cousin talking about it after being in a 3rd world country setting for a spell..just going to the grocery store for him was overwhelming. glad you posted this. DM

  3. I took a blogging break over Christmas so missed some of your posts. I enjoyed going back and catching up. What memories you made! Praying you’ll adjust to being back and continue your journey with God.

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