travel mercies…

I’m in Pennsylvania. Traveling from Africa is a long, arduous task. Wait in an airport for almost 4 hours for the plane. Fly from Conakry to Banjul Gambia – 1 hour. Wait while people get off plane. Watch Gambian men clean up the messy plane. Listen to another new language. Wait while people board plane – 1 hour. Fly 5.5 hours to Brussels. Sleep maybe 4 hours on plane. Wait at Brussels Starbucks with friends 3 hours. Schlep over to gate to checkin – 1 hour. Fly 8 hours to NYC. Go through customs relatively quickly and without incident – 1 hour. Greet the mother, sister, nephew, and oldest son – 30 minutes. Take the wrong exit and end up in midtown Manhattan – 1.5 hours. Finally find the way home – 2 hours. Dinner and gifts with my family – 2 hours. Ready for bed by 6:30pm. Ah travel.

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20