Christmas fun in west Africa…


I started my day with some good hot chocolate coffee. I moved to midships to work on my newsletter and photo presentation to show all my friends and family upon my return. At noon, I walked over to the Novotel Hotel with some friends for their Christmas Bazaar. We really had a good time. The people in the above photo were performing traditional Guinean songs and dances. I bought some Christmas presents.


After the bazaar, we walked back to the ship to enjoy refreshing air conditioning. I joined some friends in the cafè for some parallel play time. I continued to work on my projects while people set up for the winter wonderland. After dinner, the wonderland opened. With all of us crowded into midships, it was almost like being at the mall. Almost. All the crafty people brought out their wares and we ate sweets and bought more stuff and just hung out. So much fun.


Toward the end of the eventful day, my friend Fred from Ghana asked me to help him write an email to one of his sponsors explaining how much surgery we’ve done so far. Then he kept dictating his email to me. Ha ha! Little things mean a lot. I’m so blessed to be part of this Mercy Ships family. God is so good!

His… Michelle