what does dedication look like?


I think it depends on your perspective. From my point of view, I look at Dr Gary and see total commitment, complete dedication and devotion to serving God by fixing the broken people of west Africa. I have never met a man other than Dr Gary who pursued a medical career in its most pure form, simply to help his fellow man. I look at him and think, wow! Just wow! He is the richest man I know. I also looked at the ladies I worked with last night. I was so impressed with their dedication to stay until the very end. They stayed with happiness and joy for the chance to help a kid have a fresh start at life. Then I look at myself. I really don’t have the right stuff. I can honestly tell you I would have been happier to have the day off to lounge around, eat turkey in peace, and call my family. But by the grace of God, He gave me the strength and Joy to make it to the very end of the day without complaining out loud. I was even happy to play a small part in His plan for a kid in west Africa to have a chance at a normal life. What does dedication look like? For me it looks like devotion to God. It means following Him no matter how much I want the day off. It means dying so I can truly live. And it means I’m totally on the way to becoming the richest woman in the world!

His… Michelle