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I hate to think my time on the Africa Mercy has become routine. It’s far from routine. It is what I do. Maybe familiar is a better word. I don’t wake up in the morning surprised I am in Africa anymore. I guess the transition is complete? I’ve found a rhythm. I’ve found the places to be alone. I don’t have to eat with other people. I don’t even have to socialize if I don’t want to. I’m learning how to be me on a ship in west Africa. So it figures now I’ll go home. Ironic. Just when I get used to stuff it all changes. Life. 🙂

His… Michelle


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  1. when is your stint up? Have you decided on the length of time you’ll be back state side? I know you mentioned something last week about it….there’s a name for what your describing in the military…when guys get into a routine on the battle field. that you’ve found it.

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