so many contrasts…

Just outside the Riviera

Inside the Riviera

Conakry is such an extreme spectrum of sights, sounds, and smells. When you sit on the port side of the ship, there is ocean beauty, spectacular sunsets, and fresh air. On the starboard side, there is the view of decaying buildings and the smells of rotting garbage,diesel fuel, and wood smoke. The street market is a veritable maze of stalls filled with anything from “fresh” meat and vegetables to kitchen appliances to car parts with a traditional western supermarket thrown in the middle for good measure. You can walk down a street that looks as if bombs were dropped on it and find a lovely french pastry shop, beautifully decorated and air conditioned as an oasis in the middle of a vast, hot desert. There is no hiding from the extreme poverty, as it is literally butted up against everything remotely wealthy or extravagant. Conakry is an amazing city of contrasts. I’m so glad to be here to experience this. 🙂

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

3 thoughts on “so many contrasts…

  1. Many of the most beautiful places on earth are a seperated by immense wealth and desperate poverty! That’s life I guess :).

  2. I have experienced this kind of thing in third world countries. It really makes one appreciate living in the U.S. It is good to see how others live though. It makes one appreciate them more too. I’m glad you’re where you are and that you’re sharing your experiences, good and bad, with us. Good picture.

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