handsome boy, ugly tumor…

My friend Donna with a handsome boy

Today this Handsome boy came to have his ugly tumor removed. He is just 19 years old. What joy to make him more handsome so he can meet a beautiful girl to marry some day. Unfortunately, he has the type of neurofibromas that grow all over the body. This will be a life long struggle for him. The good news is it is not a deadly disease. Please pray for God to heal him through His miraculous touch. The lovely lady taking his BP is Donna. She was my roommate at gateway. She saved up money to buy a car but decided to spend a year on the ship instead. Don’t you just want to hug her for her sacrifice? I can hug her for you :).

His… Michelle

2 thoughts on “handsome boy, ugly tumor…

  1. Hug Donna for me Micey….and the “Handsome Boy”…tell him we are praying for him here in the United States!!!

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