a crooked little boy…


This boy is having surgery in the morning. I’m not sure if he came to screening day or if someone saw him on the street and brought him. He and his gramma are homeless. He has osteogenesis imperfecta, a bone disorder that is genetic. People with this disorder don’t produce the collagen they need to grow normal bones. His legs are curved in a front and back pattern, instead of the bow legs you would see from side to side. Nobody is sure how old he is because of his living situation. Dr Frank is guessing he may be anywhere from 9-12. He is pretty much a celebrity on the ship. He and his gramma have been living with us since he was screened. He is super smart. He is already learning English. He is also kind. He comforts the other kids. Tomorrow, he will have his legs surgically straightened and his life changed forever. Please pray for all to go well. 🙂

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

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