how many people fit in a taxi in Guinea?


With Ben, Chris, and Petra in the backseat of a taxi in Conakry

Sharon and Faye were in the front seat

Including the driver, we had a total of seven in the taxi that day. We went out to visit the Medina market. It was a giant muddy mess. We left the ship right after it rained. That’s when I discovered just how messy the streets of Conakry are. As we walked around the market, I was wishing I had put my gumboots (African for rain boots) on. Sadly, they were tucked away in the suitcase under my bed. I did make a mental note for the future. It’s rainy season here in Guinea. Rainy season is allegedly ending at the beginning of October. Hmmm… We’ll see. So we spent a couple of hours wandering around aimlessly. We managed to find the food. Then we found the tires and car parts. Then some locals found us and asked about the screening (this trip occurred prescreening). By the time we found a cab to go back to the ship, the rain was falling again. We managed to hail the smallest cab in Conakry, a Peugeot. We hopped (crammed) in, wet and muddy and headed home. Good times. 🙂

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20