the best laid plans…

Niger Market

Practiced bartering to purchase this fabric

So 2 days ago, one of the OR nurses from the UK said we should take the train to Kindia where there is a waterfall. I was like, “count me in!” One of our day workers said she would show us the way. Today, we met on the dock and learned the train doesn’t actually run on weekends. But that didn’t deter us. Our large group walked off the port to the traffic circle where the buses run. For the next half hour, our African friends tried to hire a bus to Kindia. Unfortunately, it was very expensive and some folks didn’t bring enough money. So, we’ll try again next weekend. In the meantime, we went to the Niger Market. I liked it much more than the Medina market. I bought some pretty fabric and even learned how to barter a bit. I think I need more practice. The owner of one stand was saying Americans are bad. I pretended I was European (Not really sure what happened with that film that came out, but I gather it’s not good). Next, we stopped at a pastry shop where I enjoyed a yummy eclair. On the way back to the ship, a woman patted me on the butt! I told my friends, “A woman just patted me on the butt. I’m not sure what that means?” Kathleen said, “Oh! That means she thinks you have a nice butt. It’s a compliment.” Ha! Stay tuned for more adventures from Guinea! 🙂

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


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  1. Oh. That movie that came out. About that. Protests in 30 countries so far, US embassies being rioted against, Americans being killed. Christian missionaries at risk. Al Qaeda involved. It doesn’t help that Terry Jones, of “I’m going to burn the Koran” fame, helped to promote it in the name of Christianity. The reaction is so extreme though, that even the Sec of State has indicated that she thinks it may just have been used as an excuse for rioting, which broke out on 9/11 and appears to have actually been planned for days in advance. The movie’s been on YouTube for months as it is and is frankly stupid and dubbed and nonsensical. The anti-American sentiment is harsh and widespread.

    • Thanks for the update Barbara. One of the guys in my group had a discussion with the man and reminded him that just because one American did something bad, we are not all bad. He agreed in the end. It’s crazy though how much hatred is spreading around the world.

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