I love history. I love hearing about family history, war history, presidential history, property history. I was talking to my mom today. My niece is doing a family history project for school. She’s 14 years old. My mom was excited to help her. She ended up telling me cool family facts I didn’t know and some I did. So I want to write what I heard down for the future. I don’t have much in the way of family history. I’m always amazed when I meet folks who can trace their family tree back by multiple generations. I can only go back 2 on my dad’s side of the family and 3 on my mom’s side. So here we go.

My mom was born in 1938. My grandmother was born in 1913. She was an only child of Aquila and Mr Sassaman. Aquila was Mr Sassaman’s second wife. They married because she got pregnant. Mr Sassaman had a bunch of kids from his first wife. They comfortable financially. My grandmother came along later in life for the Sassamans. So my guess is they were born in the 1880s. My great grandfather was sent away to the insane asylum for running around outside naked. Maybe he had some form of elder dementia, like Alzheimer’s disease? My grandmother was little and remembers riding the trolley to go visit him in the hospital. He died when he became sick with gallbladder disease. My mom doesn’t know where their gravestones are. They could be buried in Northampton, Pa. Nobody knows when Aquila died. My grandfather was born around 1909. My grandfather’s mother was Bessie Snyder. She met a guy named Sager. He was a married man. She thought if she got pregnant she could convince him to marry her. She was wrong. Apparently he moved to Philadelphia and carried on with his life and left them behind. She ended up living with another guy who raised my grandfather. They had more kids together, but nobody thinks they ever married. My aunt Linda thinks my grandmother comes from an Amish family history or maybe Quaker. That’s pretty much all I know about my great grandparents on my mom’s side.

I only know a tiny bit about my dad’s parents. They died way before I was born. My dad was born in 1934. He was the second of four children. I don’t know when my grandparents were born. I can only assume they were born in the very early 1900s. My grandfather was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was a nurse in an insane asylum. My grandmother was born in Newfoundland. We think my grandad was Scottish decent and my grandma was French decent. His name was James Anderson. Her name was Josephine Alexander. She was a stay at home mom. That’s it. That’s pretty much all I know about them. My dad wouldn’t talk about them. I know my grandma died when he was 16 of breast cancer and my grandad died 2 years later of a heart attack. My dad was quite troubled as a youth, like James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause so he blamed himself for his father’s death. He just wouldn’t talk about his family. I also know each of his parents had like 12 brothers and sisters!

So there is a bit of my history. I would love to know more. I guess I’ll find out more when I get to the other side. Hopefully we’ll meet there. 🙂

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20