the Mater project…


Say hello to my little friend Mater. His formal name is Tow Mater. He is from the Disney movie Cars. I found him in a laundromat a couple of weeks ago. No, I did not take him from a child. He was left behind! I made sure nobody was looking for him!

As I’ve written before, I struggle with depression. I have been attending a support group for this problem. The group meets 6 times a year at my church. One of the assignments of the group is to have a hobby or a pet to help take my mind off of me and focus on something else. Well photographing Mater fits that bill nicely. And since I am called to missions, a pet is just not feasible. I can’t take a pet with me. But Mater can be my traveling buddy! So he gets to go with me to Africa! And like the paparazzi, I will photograph him wherever he goes. Heehee! You can follow his adventures on Instagram by following me, michelle 1_20. I’ll also try to let him make an appearance here from time to time, just for giggles.


His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


4 thoughts on “the Mater project…

  1. I’ve been seeing your pictures with this little car in them and always wonder what it’s all about. I hesitated to ask because I thought it was probably something I should have known and I didn’t want to show my ignorance. lol Anyway, I’m glad you explained it. Now I’ll appreciate your pictures more when I see them because I’ll know the story behind them.
    As for your latest post, I intend to pray for you a lot, and hopefully be able to help at least a little in the financial department.

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