God to the rescue!

What a glorious day I am enjoying! I just got home from spending the whole morning in church for a special event. The worship was amazing and brought me to tears from the joy of knowing my Savior and that I am redeemed! God is so good to me and to his children!

After church I spoke to Marcy*. She’s the girl I asked you to pray for who was being pursued by the Mormons. So last week, we finally got together to talk about God, Jesus, and the Bible. I worked with her in the OR a couple of years ago. She’s a lesbian. I knew it then. Two years ago, she went forward at an altar call, but quickly fell away, back to her old lifestyle. I did my best to encourage her then and she was always willing to listen to what I had to say. I figured God would move in her and help her change in his timing because that’s what he does. I left that job in February of 2010 so I could go to Haiti. They wouldn’t let me go so I found a different job. That was the last time I saw Marcy. We did exchange email addresses before I left and she’s been on my newsletter mailing list ever since.

Fast forward to today. She received my last newsletter and out of the blue, I get an email from her asking me to call her. She has questions about the Bible! I was really excited to hear from her! She goes on to tell me that while putting out the trash, two Mormon missionaries approached her. She knew God was reaching out to her again after 2 years of being away. So now she has questions because what she knows about God is completely different than what the Mormons are telling her. The only point the Mormons and I agreed on is that God does not look on homosexuality with anything but it’s wrong. We set up a meeting, but it quickly fell through. So we set up another meeting a few days later.

I was so happy to see Marcy. The first thing she told me was the Holy Spirit had convicted her and revealed she can’t be gay anymore! Then the Spirit instructed her to fast and pray! She was still entertaining the Mormons. We spent 3 hours together. I prayed for the Lord to give me all the right things to say. God is faithful. We went through chapters of Romans about not being good enough for God and needing a Savior. We went through chapters from Luke when Jesus talks about leaving everything we know behind to follow him, about sacrificing what we want for a life following him. I finished by telling Marcy to seek the Lord with all her heart, mind, soul, and strength, that if she really desires to know the truth, the Lord will reveal it to her.

She came to church today with a coworker! I didn’t see her because I was volunteering for the special event. As soon as I was finished, I phoned her to see how she is doing. God is so amazing! She’s completely repented of her lifestyle! Halfway through church with the Mormons, the Lord revealed she shouldn’t go back there ever again, she should go back to the church she walked forward at! While she was fasting, she asked God if being gay is wrong, why did she become gay? He revealed to her in a parable like story that we walk down the road and sometimes there’s a rock we don’t see so we trip and fall. That’s how it happened for her. She went down a road and stumbled upon this lifestyle and she didn’t understand it was wrong!

I’m over the moon filled with joy! The person she was in a relationship with is coming to town next week. She wants to come to church too! She wants to know more about Jesus! And God blessed mewith this ministry of encouragement! Awesome, amazing, glorious God!!!

I want to thank you readers for all your prayers! I know that it’s because of our love and prayers Marcy’s life is changing because God has heard our cries! Please keep her lifted up. Please pray the Mormons won’t come back to try to steal her away. Please pray for her friend who wants to know more about Jesus. Please pray that I give her the words of life, that it’s all through the Spirit of God. Sing praises to God! His love endures forever!!!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20

*name changed*

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Me and a rainbow at the beach


2 thoughts on “God to the rescue!

  1. Oh sweet Michelle! You are an amazing steward of the Lord! My niece Leah is in the gay lifestyle. She is drinking and sits around depressed and unhappy unless she is causing drama for her family. I need to ask for prayer for her too. I will continue to pray for Marcy and if you have her friends name I will add her to my prayer journey. It is so wonderful how the Holy Spirit and you both worked to help Marcy along! I do respect the Mormons for their stand on homosexuality but I do know how misguided they are. I have had a really miserable day and the Lord pointed me to read your post. I need prayer for Leah. I think basically we all need prayer but we have to reach out to these lost souls. I get so sad at times because I work with an office full of non believers and for whatever reason God has not choosen to give me the right words to say so I pray for these 4 lost souls, a Buddhist, two former Catholics one who is a Mormon and being courted to come back to their flock and one former Catholic who turned Christian then turned to the lifestyle of partying and drinking! The other former Catholic is like King Midas. Loving his money. Pray for Doug, Kozue, Theresa and Monica too. I thank you for your friendship here. May God keep richly blessing you with all the right words!

    • Thanks Anne for your prayers and I will definitely pray for your Leah and for your work situation. Be encouraged. God knows your heart and your love for your family and friends. Just ask him to speak through you at all times. We don’t need to know exactly what to say, just to say everything truthfully in love. Just be patient. Patience is key. God works in his timing. Keep introducing your niece to Jesus. Make it all about him because it is all about him. He will do the rest. God bless you!

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