what about Africa?


So I haven’t talked about Africa in some time. My heart for Africa has not changed at all. In fact, the assignment I’m looking to join is the Africa Mercy, of the Mercy Ships, which does medical outreach to all the nations surrounding the coast of Africa. They are just wrapping up their outreach to Sierra Leone.

Let me tell you what’s been going on. I still haven’t heard from Good Shepherd’s Fellowship in Uganda. I’ve tried to meet with Claudia while she’s been on furlough and it just hasn’t worked out at this point. She’s headed back to Uganda today. We just haven’t connected at all. I know I can be impatient, but it just doesn’t seem to be the place the Lord is leading me? I’m also pretty sure I’m not meant to go anywhere specific for a very long time just yet. I have an obligation to be a good mom to Robert and Galen before I go for long term service. They’ve only experienced having a good mom for these 6 years. I believe mentoring them is as much for God’s glory as serving him anywhere else. If I try to go long term now, it would probably be in my own strength because of my own selfish desire. And I do believe that would be dishonoring to the Lord.

I just want to serve the Lord wherever there’s a need and to use the skills and my heart to tell people about Jesus by sharing the Gospel. So I was on Facebook and saw this need from Mercy Ships for OR nurses. I saw the same thing again the next day. I thought maybe God was leading me to apply? Then I started to think I can’t do it. Galen still needs me to support him. Then I thought, there you go again, putting God in the little box. They have a need and I have the skills to meet that need. So I asked the Lord to show me that need one more time and if I saw it, I would apply and see what happens. Well, I saw that need one more time a couple of days later, so, I’m stepping out. The Lord confirmed this for me through his word by giving me the scripture from Joshua 3:15-16 that talks about the Jordan being stopped when the priests put there feet into the Jordan. The water didn’t stop before hand. They had to step in faith. He also confirmed it thought the scripture in 2 Kings 5:10-14. Again, Naaman had to dip in the Jordan in faith to be healed.

I don’t know if the Lord is opening the door to a long term opportunity or not. I do feel confident he’s telling me to apply in faith. I also want to go back to Africa and serve for some extended time. I don’t want to go back to the 7 day mission trip. It’s just not long enough. I’m applying in faith to go for 3-6 months. I think this will be a good amount of time to find out if this is the ministry God has for me in the long term. It’s also a time frame that will allow Galen to strengthen his wings to fly. Or it will be exactly then that God will give him a job to be fully self supporting, like the priests stepping into the Jordan, maybe God won’t open that door for me or Galen until I just trust him to do it.

So there you have it. Please pray for me as God directs my steps into the next phase of my missionary career. Thanks so much for all you love and prayers!

His… Michelle
Philippians 1:20


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  1. I love the way God has worked in your life and continues to do so. It always encourages me to read of your dedication to doing whatever it is that God has for you to do. I’m always eager to learn what the next step He has in mind for you. He has put the desire to serve in Africa in your heart and I know when the time is right you’ll be there serving.

  2. Your passion is a blessing. May God continue to give you direction and peace all along the way. I pray Galen and Robert’s response will be part of the confirmation and that you will know the fullness of being used by Him; here or wherever He sends you.

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