what I know…

I know You’re there. I know You hear me. I know You saved me from the pit of hell. I know you love me with an everlasting and unfailing love. I know I love You because You loved me first. I know You loved me so much because You sent Jesus to die for my sins. I know You have a plan for my life that includes this state of mind. I know You know exactly what is going on. I know You know when this will end. I know that You are catching every single tear that falls from my eyes and my bottle probably won’t even be the biggest one in heaven. I know I have to praise You even in the midst of this valley. I know joy comes in the morning so I long for another day. I know Jesus is praying for me. I know Your Holy Spirit is praying for me too. I know Your joy is my strength. I know if I wait for You, You will renew my strength and I will be lifted up on wings of eagles. I know with You all things are possible. I know I can do all things through Your strength. I know You are holding my right hand. I know You go out before me to fight my battles. I know You follow behind me to watch my back. I know Your armor protects me from the enemy.

Ten things:

131. a new day
132. new mercy
133. friends
134. Kristl
135. Russ
136. Jeannine
137. revival
138. renewal
139. loyalty
140. Antigua+Barbuda

His… Michelle

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