On our way to Timu in Kabaang district. Relatively speaking, it isn’t very far. But the roads are very bad so it takes forever to get where you want to go. We have now stopped for the night. At 7pm, we are meeting for dinner. It is great to have a shower to remove the thick layer of road grime that accumulated over the day. It was like being covered in a fake tan.

His… Michelle

9 thoughts on “traveling

  1. Micey – I wrote this week about following Jesus and how it might cost us everything that is comfortable. You are certainly one who has “taken up their cross” to follow Him.


  2. You are always in my prayers. You are such a wonderful child of God. You have given up so much comfort to use yourself as a vessel being poured out. FIlled with His word. Thank you and May God richly bless today and always. Anne

  3. It’s funny how a small thing like a shower becomes such a big thing. You have been in my prayers and heart.
    God Bless and Hugs,

  4. Hi, I popped over from Spiritual Sunday to say HELLO – and that you are in my prayers! I enjoyed reading this post as well as the preceding one. When my daughters went on much shorter mission trips, I know they had to take their own toilet paper but I think they mostly did have at least outhouses. That would be so difficult for me, and you have my greatest admiration. We serve an awesome God and I know that He is there with you, leading you and guiding you! Thank you for being such an encouragement to me today!

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