It seems to me I get tired frequently. It’s mostly a mental tiredness and I confess to looking back with longing to the days of being able to just do nothing. I was feeling quite tired and discouraged a little while ago and so I turned to the Word for refreshing and renewed strength. I am reading from Charles Stanley’s Life Principals Daily Bible and I’m up to Matthew 27, when Jesus is crucified and cries out, “My God, My God why have You forsaken Me?” This occurs in the ninth hour. In the sidebar, he explains that in the ninth hour was when all the passover lambs were being sacrificed! In that one moment Jesus became our passover! In that one moment He fully felt what it is like for us to be separated from God and it was more painful to Him than all the torture He had endured up until that moment. Learning every detail of my Savior’s life is so important to me because I want to know Him as surely as if He is standing right next to me in the flesh. Every time I learn something new about Him, my strength is renewed and His voice becomes clearer. To know He persevered through all the pain and sorrow leaves me feeling like a heel for complaining about being tired and crying in repentance and thanking Him for His unfailing love and mercy. Now if I could just keep this in my head somehow so I would never complain about being tired again…

Dear sweet Heavenly Father,

You are good all the time to pour Your love and mercy on me. Who am I? Please help me remember the sacrifice You made for me on that day long ago. Thank You for loving me anyway. Thank You for filling me with Your unending strength. Thank You for being my passover! I love You! I love You! I love You!